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The 20 Biggest ICOs to Date

The top 20 ICOs up to the end of 2017


This list of the largest ICOs to date is based purely on numbers. These are ICOs which managed to raise the largest amount of capital in one go.

EOS – $323,953,787

EOS is a blockchain platform that offers the infrastructure needed to run decentralized apps. It solves most blockchain problems such as huge fees and languages that make it hard to develop upgrades.

Filecoin – $257,000,000

The Filecoin network achieves staggering economies of scale by allowing anyone worldwide to participate as storage providers. I

Tezos – $230,396,559

This blockchain platform governs itself using a Delegated proof-of-stake-mechanism. It is a great platform for governing transactions and ensuring there is security.

Bancor Protocol –  $152,000,000

This is a standard, which can allow anyone to come up with liquid smart tokens. These tokens calculate their own price and can allow a single party to convert tokens to other tokens without the need for a second party.

The DAO – $150,000,000

The DAO is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It can store and transmit Ether and Ether-based assets.

Status – $103,000,000

A socio-economic network that can allow users to interact with decentralized apps based on Ethereum.

TenX – $80,000,000

This is a blockchain asset which can be spent anywhere at any time. They even have a debit card system in place.

MobileGo – $53,069,235

This is a gaming platform intended to solve most of the problems game developers face. It makes it possible to offer cheaper services, and enables faster payouts.

SONM – $42,000,000

This decentralized global fog supercomputer can be used for general purpose computing. Anyone can leverage their computer power and join the SONM network.

Basic Attention Token – $35,000,000

This allows publishers to buy ads and marketers to sell them without exposing the users to content tracking. The user is paid a small amount every time they view ads.

Polybius – $31,645,088

This project aims to create the world’s first digital-only bank that meets EU standards.

Aragon – $24,750,000

This is designed as a management platform for use by decentralized organizations. It comes with various features such as fundraising, payroll, governance, and accounting.

AEternity – $22,710,553

This is a blockchain-based computing platform that builds upon the success of current platforms such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

openANX – $18,756,937

This is a decentralized exchange with great liquidity, less credit risk, and great consumer protection.

Ethereum – $18,439,086

This platform runs on blockchain technology. It features smart contract capabilities and the Ether cryptocurrency.

Cosmos– $17,000,000

This network makes interoperability between blockchains possible. Thus, it eliminates the need for intermediaries.

TokenCard – $16,516,286

This deposit-less Ethereum-based mobile banking platform aims to bring Ethereum technology to everyday life.

Waves platform – $16,436,095

This non-private blockchain has the aim of dealing with national currencies.

Qtum – $15,664,829

This is a hybrid blockchain that has made it possible to have smart contracts in a mobile environment. – $14,700,000

A distributed platform connects experts, startups, and investors from across the globe.

These are the top 20 ICOs to date. What do you think about them? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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