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Opera Is Currently Testing its New Crypto Wallet-Friendly Mobile Browser


The web of today will be an interface with the decentralized web of tomorrow, and by becoming the first browser to adopt Web 3.0, Opera wants to make a contribution that will make the web more easily accessible in the future.

In what many has termed as a first for Opera, the company has announced plans to launch a new browser for mobile devices that comes with an in-built crypto wallet.

On Wednesday, the company said that the new Opera browser for devices running on the Android platform, would combine support for Ethereum Web3 API with the easy-to-use functionalities associated with a crypto wallet. The maker has said that the mobile browser is currently in private beta, and is inviting all interested users to join it in marking the beginning of a new journey.

With the introduction of the new Opera browser, it will mean that crypto users will no longer need to access a web-based browser, or install a web extension for use in sending and receiving crypto,, or when making payments with cryptocurrency. All this can now be done directly from their Android deviceswith the new Opera browser.

This announcement is particularly handy for developers dealing with Dapps. The new functionality being introduced in the Opera mobile browser has given a clear indication that users will now be in a better position to interact with decentralized web applications that are currently under development on the Ether network.

Charles Hamel, the leading Opera Crypto product developer, said in an announcement:

We hold strong beliefs in the fact that today’s web will become an interface for the decentralized web of tomorrow. By becoming the leading browser to embrace the capabilities of Web 3.0, we will be making a contribution that will help make tomorrow’s internet accessible to the masses

Web 3.0 Boost

 Web 3.0 is a term used to denote the idea of a completely decentralized Internet that is built on the capabilities of the Ether blockchain, and one which is able to connect users to peer-to-peer networks and various decentralized web applications.

As previous reports indicate, decentralized web applications like WeiFund were developed with the sole intention of being utilized in Web 3.0 browsers. These are applications that were to be embedded into these browsers to help make it easier for cryptocurrency users to handle their wallets.

Technically, the new Opera mobile browser comes with a user-friendly interface which has been built on the functionalities of the existing Dapp browsers / existing browser wallets, but one that has a default WebView.

With the introduction of this browser, the company hopes to reduce the barrier to entry for its Web 3.0 users. It is also providing a clear and easier path for Opera users who would like to venture into cryptocurrencies and the world of decentralized web applications.

Image Credit: Opera

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