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a16z Crypto Fund: Building a Foundation for Decades of Blockchain and Software Revolutions


New technology has frequently emerged mostly within a span of 10 to 15 years. At the moment, the blockchain revolution is picking up pace relatively quickly, since the invention of Bitcoin back in 2009. Since then, a good number of ideas have emerged, dramatically pushing the standards of research and development higher.

The Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain is really nothing more than a sort of decentralized computer. The only difference is that it does not require trust for parties to transact on its network. Plus, individuals can have complete control with the capacity to contribute through its open-source nature. However, unlike the technological advancements that came before it, Blockchain technology is the first of its kind software-based technology that is not only less hardware intensive but also completely open to editing and altering.

Once again, just like the mainframes of the 60s, the PCs of the late 70’s and now the smartphones of today, blockchain is pretty much going through the same stages of doubt and scepticism from mainstream society similar as previous technologies have been though before it.

History Repeating Itself

For instance, in the same way the smartphones were initially dismissed for their small screens that traded against the convenience of using a PC, blockchain technology is currently on trial for trading against scalability, interoperability, and speed with decentralization.

In fact, most traditional financial experts have already dismissed blockchain and cryptocurrencies for lacking these fundamental features associated with traditional technologies. Granted,blockchain at the moment only offers a rather primitive competitive edge compared with all the existing technological alternatives. However, it would be a bad idea to pass up on investing in projects like Ethereum, EOS, and Cardano, which are building the future of decentralized applications – yet, the industry is still taking its baby steps.

Blockchain based companies are simply in dire need of funding and support to survive the murky water of a new emerging industry.  One such company that has just been launched and is looking to build a platform to fund crypto projects is a16z crypto.

What Is a16z Crypto?

This is a crypto venture fund that has just been launched and is set to be a $300 million firm that invests and supports crypto-related companies and projects. Its main aim is to take on the best features of a traditional VC firm and mix them up with all the modern qualities you would expect from a crypto VC firm.

Even though the a16z crypto fund has just been launched, it gathers the experience of experts who have been investing in crypto assets for over 5 years.  This company is set to be a long-term investor in crypto projects, with a strategy that stretches out for more than a decade.

The company is designed to be an all-weather fund that will survive every volatile market condition to keep investments afloat no matter what. It is also designed to be a flexible VC firm that is capable of investing in all stages of project development.

Furthermore, the fact that the a16z crypto fund is focused on non-speculative use cases of crypto, will be an added advantage to the overall growth of the crypto and blockchain industry. If all goes as planned, the non-believers will finally realize the potential of Blockchain and crypto beyond the usual speculation and gambling.

What do you think about the launch of the a16z crypto fund? Will this company manage to raise the bar for the blockchain revolution? Share your thoughts in the comments section.