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AdEx Announce Involvement in Newly-Formed Blockchain Advertising Alliance

NPO Formed to Provide Information, Education and Assistance to All


A blockchain-based ad exchange company AdEx, which has completed its token sale during summer 2017 and raised 40008 ETH, has today announced that it is one of the members of a new not-for-profit, the Blockchain Advertising Alliance. Their Twitter account announced the move, saying, “We are thrilled to announce that AdEx is amongst the first members of the newly-created Blockchain Advertising Alliance (BAA)”.

The stated aim of the alliance is to educate those in advertising on all things crypto, including blockchain, smart contracts, Ethereum and more.

Four Goals for a Better World

According to Medium, the BAA have announced four specific goals, as follows:

Educate: Inform the advertising industry about the benefits and possible use cases of the blockchain and therefore increase mass adoption.

Develop: Exchange knowledge between member companies, and create a common knowledge-base shared by member companies and the public.

Unify: Ensure that member companies are not overlapping their efforts but instead they create complementary technologies and benefit from each other’s work.

Promote: Create joint press releases and/or airdrops to promote member companies and the idea of utilizing blockchain to bring transparency to the advertising industry.

Currently, membership of the BAA is open to all advertisers and marketers focusing on blockchain. They are also hopeful of assistance from major companies in 2018, as they put their vision into practice.

Other members of BAA to date include Stremio, SwipeCrypto, EloPlay, AdHive, Propy and Harbour. The announcement comes at a time when the face of the cryptocurrency world is shifting dramatically into the mainstream, leaving a significant need for more and better education on the inner workings of blockchain technology.