Bankera on Course to Reach Huge $208 Million Target!

Success would put it in the all-time top 5 ICOs!

Bankera‘s ambitious ICO has been running for seven weeks now, and they are currently on course to get close to their total – a huge $208 million! Assuming they achieve this, they will sit amongst the top five ICOs of all time. However, February may well be slower, as the sliding scale of price for their tokens will be at its highest as the ICO draws to a close. Currently, almost $82 million has been raised.

A Look Under the Hood

Part of the reason that Bankera needs to raise such a large amount, is that its stated aim is far-reaching, and extremely high-level. Essentially, they are looking to create a bank whose endgame would be to allow crypto and fiat to sit beside one another, as equally-valid methods of payment and savings.  However, they are taking a fund-management approach to money storage, allowing connections with underlying assets that increase in value above the rate of standard inflation. This would mean that there is the potential for greater interest on accounts.

Their banking system will consist of payments, whether they be transfers, IBAN or debit card transactions (they will produce their own debit card), and there will be a range of loan and investment options available, including ETFs. The exchange itself will be launched very shortly after the end of the ICO – assuming that they stay on course to get close to their target. Investments are currently scheduled for 2019, with ETFs planned for 2020.

Bankera’s ICO has attracted huge interest. This is partly due to the heavyweight list of names on board. Their advisors include President of the foundation, Lon Wong, European Parliament members Antanas Guoga and Eva Kaili, and a number of field experts.

Despite the rising price of tokens, there is still a lot to play for in terms of investing in the Bankera ICO. The potential is enormous, and the likelihood is currently that they will get close to the $200 million mark – a massive statement in itself.

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