Coinbase prepares to offer users a “crypto package”

The cryptocurrency market, which started rising rapidly towards the end of 2016, began to fall more rapidly than it climbed up, at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Most of the popular cryptocurrencies have suffered a loss of 80 percent. Financial experts compare this rise and fall to the 78 percent depreciation of the NASDAQ stock market when the dot-com bubble exploded.

If you ask who has seen the biggest benefit from this fluctuation of the crypto market, I think the answer is clearly 6-year-old San Francisco based Coinbase. Coinbase, where only 5 of the most popular cryptocurrencies is allowed to be traded, was the first platform to stop by for anyone who entered the cryptocurrency market. In the days when the crypto market had its breakthrough, Coinbase earned 50,000 new members every day. If you are wondering how active these members were, I can say that in the last year only, $ 150 billion of crypto money was traded on Coinbase.

Coinbase aims to bring a new breath to the cryptocurrency market with a new announcement. Coinbase, with two new features announced, shows that it has completed its infrastructure work and what it needs to do in order to be able to work stably and that it has begun to innovate. The first of these innovations is the “Coinbase Bundle” feature. With this feature, Coinbase offers bundles that contain all cryptocurrencies that are available on the platform, starting at $25. The amount of crypto money you will receive in the package will be determined automatically according to the current market value.

Users who are currently members of Coinbase from Europe and America and have verified their accounts will be able to start using the Coinbase Bundle feature in a few weeks.

Another feature that will be added to Coinbase is educational material. A wide range of resources from cryptocurrency to blockchain technology, how cryptocurrency works and important external links will now be available to Coinbase users. In this way, users will be able to follow Coinbase not only for trading, but also to learn about innovations and developments, and to have more information about the cryptocurrency world in more detail.

Coinbase is also preparing to offer special pages for the top 50 cryptocurrencies based on market value. You can consider these pages as edited Yahoo Finance pages for cryptocurrencies. You will find everything about the cryptocurrency listed on those pages.

Coinbase, who recently announced that it has started efforts to increase the number of cryptocurrencies it has listed, also states that it has made improvements to prevent the leakage of the new listed cryptocurrencies and to prevent its employees from investing in advance.

Struggling with the infrastructure problems coinciding with legal transactions with the SEC, Coinbase apparently found a way to work stably and now began to focus on developments that will make users happier. Let’s see what these developments and autumn will bring to the cryptocurrency market.

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