Cosmo: Automatic Portfolio Tracking

Keep on top of your portfolios at the touch of a button

Portfolio trackers are useful, especially in this day and age. Multiple portfolios across multiple exchanges and multiple cryptocurrencies can produce numbers to make your head spin. It can be very difficult to keep on top of profit and loss, but a good tracker will sort that for you. That is, unless you forget to enter some of your recent trading details. This is also pretty easy to do, and the result is that all your figures are wrong. It’s annoying but common.

Automated Tracking

Cosmo is a portfolio tracker – we’ve seen hundreds of them. But this one is automatic. You just set it up with read access to your portfolio – or portfolios – and it uses its exchange synching technology to get real-time updates on prices and profits. It supports multiple portfolios too, and offers the ability import previous transaction data into the app via .csv file.

Cosmo is adding exchanges as it goes, but is already live and available for download on both the app store and the play store. Currently, reviews are quite mixed. Customers have reported bugs and slow loading time. It’s worth saying at this point that Cosmo is a recent rebrand; it used to be called Coindex. There are clearly a few things to iron out, so it’s worth waiting a while, and checking back in 2018 to see how they’re progressing with getting the app working more smoothly.

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