Filament Creates USB Blockchain Solution

  • Filament have announced the successful creation of a USB device that allows companies to treat blockchain as plug and play. This world first, if and when it as rolled out as a saleable service, would represent a significant step forward in terms of ease of access and speed of setup for new blockchain products. The USB device would allow the user to plug in and then complete secure economic transactions, for example, on what would effectively be a portable, instant-access blockchain.

The company expect the device to be available as a trial as early as June 2018. Its main features are 72-bit encryption and a self-generated cryptographic identity, and will allow users to:

  1. Transact data or value
  2. Provide verifiable proof of data source and content
  3. Maintain immutable records and supply chain tracking, including proof of provenance and supply chain steps

We introduced our Blocklet Chip earlier this year and are now excited to unveil our Blocklet USB device, which makes it possible for existing Industrial IoT machines to become trusted economic engines. Many products… have the ability to connect to USB. These are for manufacturing lines – we have a version of a USB product that plugs into the port in vehicles. It’s very much trying to drive toward machines being transactive in nature.

– Allison Clift-Jennings, CEO, Filament

This solution by Filament certainly bears similarity to a couple of major global corporations. IBM have been working on a hardware chip and Microsoft use Azure for cloud solutions, but the Filament USB will, if successful, be the first of its kind, and justified in itself as an alternative solution for so-called “portable” blockchains.

Image Credit: GlobeNewsWire