Google Adds Ethereum to Analytics Web Service BigQuery

Google Cloud has announced that Ethereum has been added to its cloud based analytics web service, BigQuery. The blog post published on August 29th 2018, analyzed Ether transfers and transactions costs, and other smart contract functions.

While the Ethereum blockchain peer-to-peer software has an API for a subset of commonly used random-access functions (for example: checking transaction status, looking up wallet-transaction associations, and checking wallet balances, for example), API endpoints don’t exist for easy access to all of the data stored on-chain.

The post concluded that API endpoints may not be available to observe total blockchain data. Google Cloud now comprises a software which “synchronizes the Ethereum blockchain to computers running Parity in Google Cloud”, extracts data from the blockchain every day and “de-normalizes and stores date-partitioned data to BigQuery for easy and cost-effective exploration”.

The post also presented a graph which showed the amount of Ether transferred as well as the average transaction cost. “A visualization like this … is useful for making business decisions, such as prioritizing improvements to the Ethereum architecture itself (is the system running close to capacity and due for an upgrade?) to balance sheet adjustments (how quickly can a wallet be rebalanced?).”

Google’s Ban on Crypto Apps

Unlike Ethereum, Google chose to block crypto mining apps from its App Store in July 2018. The same month, Google Chrome’s MetaMask browser was also banned from the website’s store. MetaMask clarified that the company had no idea why such a decision was made.

Earlier this year, owing to the increase in crypto scams and ads, Google banned all types of crypto-related ads. Scott Spencer, Director of Sustainable Ads, wrote that negative ads could bring harm to customers and in turn, negatively affect the entire ecosystem. Facebook was the first website to ban crypto ads, followed by Google, and lastly by Twitter.

Image Credit: Deposit Photos