Zeepin: dAPPs to Help Growth Within Creative Industries

Token Will Be Listed on Kucoin Today (January 30th)!

Zeepin is aiming to build a dAPP-based ecosystem upon which creative industries can successfully build businesses. The blockchain-based ecosystem will help wannabe companies overcome barriers such as copyright, financing and talent, by releasing a series of dAPPs throughout 2018. They can start to follow their roadmap now that the ICO has ended, successfully reaching their hard cap of $62.5 million. And tomorrow, their token (ZPT) goes live on Kucoin. It’s fair to say that it’s an exciting time within the world of Zeepin!

Creative Infrastructure

The creative market is huge. By this, Zeepin are referring to industries such as design, performing arts literature, arts and crafts, fashion design and many more. Their dAPP releases are going to address the following issues:

  • Creative copyrighting – through Zeerights
  • Starting up in the first place – using Zeecrew
  • Locating hot talent – with Zeetalent
  • Funding models, including crowdfunding – enlisting the help of Zeetalent
  • Transactions and investments – by using Zeecreate

The chain itself is scheduled for a March 2018 release, with the wallet following the month after. Thereafter, the first dAPP release, Zeerights, is due for release in May 2018, with other dAPPs following over the next 12 months. This will be watched closely by some 30,000 Telegram followers.

Copywriting is their main focus though, and the bedrock of their experience. With 12 years of industry knowledge, the Zeepin team are aiming to dramatically widen the influence of the creative industry, and help creative minds achieve their dreams through easy, legal startups and solid investment opportunities. And with their 15-year head start in the creative market itself, it would be foolish to bet against their success.