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Arizona Strengthens its Case for Being the Blockchain State With New Law


The Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, has signed yet another crypto bill into law in the state of Arizona. This particular law grants permission to corporations in the crypto-friendly state to hold and distribute corporate data on blockchain was signed with a 56/60 House of Representatives vote, and a unanimous senate vote. It is the latest in a list of regulations that have made Arizona one of the most pro-blockchain and crypto states in the US.

The Latest in a Long List

Arizona have shown a forward-thinking, permissive approach when it comes to crypto. Back in April 2017, a law was passed that would make smart contracts enforceable by law. This was followed by allowing residents to pay taxes in Bitcoin, and a measure of statewide node protection.

And the community itself has certainly taken to the state label of being open and accepting of digital currencies. At Arizona State University, for example, students have banded together to create a society called the Blockchain Innovation Society, with the goals of fostering new blockchain-based ideas and educating the wider community.

This latest announcement is not unique in the US though; Delaware have already passed their own law for blockchain-based sharing, and are among a few states looking at legal protection and allowances for mining, even amidst continuing crackdowns nationwide by the US SEC.

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What’s next for Arizona? Who will take on the SEC over ICOs? Let us know your thoughts.