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Arrington XRP Capital Made its Second Chinese Investment in Data (DTA)

A quick take on this "soon-to-be-great" company


Arrington XRP’s 2nd Chinese Investment: DATA (DTA)

After a couple of US-based investment avenues such as Ripple (XRP), PROPY (PRO), Storecoin, TechCrunch Founder, Michael Arrington’s Arrington XRP Capital is now looking eastwards. Investment avenues of the $100 million fund are now also based in Asia. Recently (on January 17th), the fund announced its investment into DATA (DTA), a Chinese-based blockchain venture. This is the fund’s second Chinese investment. So, let’s understand what this “soon-to-be-great company” is offering that’s got Michael Arrington so “excited” to be a part of it.

DATA (DTA) is Essentially Targeting the Middle Layer in the Ad Space

DATA is here to:

  1. Adress the limitations of the centralized Internet advertising bureau
  2. Curb severe Ad fraud
  3. Reward user’s attention on ads consumption

DATA (DTA) is essentially targeting the middle layer (agencies, DSPs, SSPs, exchanges, as networks etc) that stand between the advertiser and publisher of an Ad, before it even reaches the end user. This middle layer gives rise to loopholes for manipulation of the system while raising the cost for the advertiser. According to the website, more than 40% of online ads traffic is bot traffic, which costs advertisers $16 billion annually. The DATA infrastructure is built to pass-through this middle layer, thereby connecting advertisers, ad networks and DSPs to the publishers or developers, as the case may be.

The DATA blockchain is a standalone public chain built from a fork of Ethermint, which follows the proof-of-attention (PoA) mining rules. The DATA technology stack uses a P2P-based Mobile Storage system to decentralize mobile metadata, along with an SDK management layer that that would generate smart contracts based on user activity.

The project’s timeline is well drafted out in its whitepaper. Accordingly, the first quarter of 2018 would entail the DATA project’s institution-only private token sale as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum.

The Team & Advisors

The DATA team consists of Josh Burns, Shirley Lin, Dr. Eric Li, Victor Ye, Franklin Song, Henry Zhao, Han Liao, and Ashley Zhou. Advisors to the fund include Prof. Shoucheng Zhang from Danhua Capital, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington, FBG Capital’s Shouji Zhou, Pantera Capital’s Paul Veradittakit, Huobi Group’s Junfei Ren, and others. Strategic partners to the offering include the following:

What Makes DATA Different From BAT?

This is how the DATA token (DTA) offering differs from the Basic Attention Token (BAT) offering: