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Ashton Kutcher Donates $4 Million of XRP to Ellen DeGeneres’ Wildlife Fund


While the majority of crypto enthusiasts enter the market to make money, there are others who are using the virtual coins for making the world a better place for the current and future generations. On Wednesday morning, Ashton Kutcher had a surprise for Ellen DeGeneres. The renowned actor, together with business partner Guy Oseary, were at Ellen DeGeneres’ show to announce a huge donation to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund.

The 40 year old actor, together with his partner, announced that they are donating $4 million to help the conservation of gorillas in the world. The donation was in the form of XRP, Ripple’s scalable digital asset which allows for real-time global payments from anywhere in the world. Allen could not believe that his long time friend was donating such enormous amount to her organization.  

Allen said during the show,

This is a huge surprise to me and the biggest single donation to Ellen DeGeneres’ Wildlife Fund,

Kutcher and Oseary are big names in Ripple, having invested millions of dollars worth of XRP, and the donation was their way of giving back to the society. The donation was made instantly as the show continued, allowing the viewers a chance to see how the Ripple platform works.

Kutcher’s Interests in Tech Startups

The actor is the co-founder of a venture fund known as A-Grade Investments and has used it to invest in different tec- based firms. Kutcher is a big investor in BitPay, a payment processor that allows merchants to accept Bitcoin payments.

The actor is a big worshipper of crypto and has been previously quoted praising the decentralized technology, saying that the fact that the Big Brother cannot monitor the transactions is a plus for users.

This is not the first time Ripple has donated huge amounts of XRP towards noble courses. In March this year, the foundation donated $29 million of XRP towards supporting the education sector in the US. Ripple is famous for making donations to largely known NGOs which is seen as a way of enhancing publicity and goodwill among the public. The $29 million donation was made to, an NGO that works towards improvement of education quality in the US and is widely revered by the public. Similarly, the $4 million donation was made to Ellen DeGeneres’ Wildlife Fund, which is also highly valued in the US.

Image Credit: Ellen

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