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AWS Introduces New Blockchain Template to Make it Easy to Use Ethereum and Hyperledger


In a blog post released on Wednesday on Amazon’s website, Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing wing of the e-commerce company, announced the availability of new templates that will make it easy for clients to develop an app on Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric within a few minutes or clicks.

The blog authored by AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr, says that the new templates will allow clients to focus on building their blockchain applications rather than spending a lot of time and energy on manual set-up of their blockchain network. Barr explains;

The templates create and configure all of the AWS resources needed to get you going in a robust and scalable fashion.  

The blog offers detailed instructions on how to set up an Ethereum template which supports mining, as well as an EthStats page that provides network metrics and an EthExplorer tool that displays the transactions and smart contracts entered into the ledger.

Titans Set to Lock Horns

Amazon has dedicated huge amount of resources to AWB wing due to the huge potential in the Blockchain industry. Indeed, Amazon is likely to use Blockchain technology in its services in the near future.

AWS is growing at a fast rate and has become one of the major segments of the giant e-commerce company. According to CoinDesk, the segment saw sales increase 55 percent in 2016 and 43 percent in 2017.

The division is in fierce competition with other tech giants’ cloud computing arms, including Microsoft Azure, which showed an early interest in providing blockchain as a service when it partnered with the Ethereum startup ConsenSys in 2015.

  • According to Bloomberg, Google is also working on a blockchain solution for its cloud business. The tech giant has already filled patent documents with the US Patent and Trademark Office. They are working on a distributed ledger that can store transaction histories and will be launched in the near future.
  • Samsung is another notable tech company that has also introduced a distributed ledger to support its business and aid developers. Recently, the company announced that it will be using blockchain to manage its supply functions.
  • AWS announced back in 2016 that it would start working with blockchain startups, offering dedicated technical support and infrastructure for the firms involved.
  • Alibaba has also started helping startups offering similar support and infrastructure all over the world. The company announced that it will incubate different businesses until maturity.  

Distributed ledger technology is at the forefront of any discussion related to innovation and major tech and e-commerce based companies are leading the pack by working with  developers and blockchain providers to spur innovation and facilitate frictionless experimentation.

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