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Baidu Launches “Universe” Blockchain Game


It’s scarcely been six months since the launch of cryptokitties brought the Ethereum network to its knees. Since then, blockchain-based games have exploded, bringing a whole new wave of game to the digital world.

Now, Baidu, the Chinese search engine, are releasing a new game called “Du Yuzhou” – meaning “The Universe” – in which users create their own planets out of air-dropped elements, in much the same way that blockchain rewards are allocated. The game, which is expected to go live next week, will educate users in the functions of a blockchain, while operating as a game in which features are unlocked gradually.

So far, Baidu have not really released many details about the game, preferring only to say that “Du Yuzhou is not to launch another cryptocurrency, but a digital society experiment”. 

Super Chain

However, this is not the biggest news to come out of the Baidu headquarters of late. In fact, the protocol for their energy-saving Super Chain was only announced a few days ago. Xiao Wei, the Chief Scientist in Baidu’s blockchain lab, said:

Super Chain can insert and remove consensus mechanisms to solve the current energy consumption problem…[whilst being] compatible with the development system of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The blockchain, which can operate at 100,000 transactions per second, will address the issue of high energy requirements for mining, by inserting and removing consensus mechanisms. This new concept from Baidu adds to their ongoing Baidu Baike project, which is like Wikipedia but on-chain.

Image Credit: Deposit Photos