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World’s First Bitcoin Lottery Offering a Massive 1000 BTC Bounty

From Ireland with Love!


Considering the soaring value of BTC, the ship has already sailed for most average investors. However, you can still get on the BTC craze with the world’s first Bitcoin lottery!

Courtesy of Lottoland

Lottoland, one of Ireland’s most popular lottery operators, is wooing bettors from around the world with the chance to win over 1,000 BTC. The lottery has been going on for several days now, and the bounty currently stands at 1,025 BTC.

The BTC lottery basically works like any other lottery save for a few factors. For starters, all you have to do to get in the game is pick six numbers and get them all right. However, instead of paying with cash, you have to pay with fiat – fiat is basically money in the form of a legal tender. Lottoland’s BTC lottery holds draws from Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm GMT.

Lottoland Breaking the Norms, as Usual

Lottoland has certainly attracted people’s attention with its BTC lottery. However, it is not the first time that it has stirred up controversy. The company has previously allowed its customers to bet on lotteries outside its jurisdiction, such as Europe’s Mega Millions and America’s famous Powerball.

Once again, Lottoland has gone beyond boundaries in its latest lottery, much to the delight of non-Irish hopefuls. The BTC lottery is open to betters from all over the world, and all you have to do to know whether you qualify to participate is register on the company’s website. If you do, all you need is some fiat currency and your luck.  

Winning the BTC Lottery

The chances of winning Lottoland’s BTC lottery are slim, to say the least. Lottoland already has over 6 million customers from all over the world, and this number is set to get bigger considering the Bitcoin craze going on. However, it is all about gambling – Bitcoin has largely been a gamble all this while – and the cost of a lottery card is a small price to pay considering the amount at stake.

By current valuations, the $1,000+ BTC jackpot is worth about $18 million, and the race is on to win it. Players also get a chance to win smaller payouts – one in seven bets stands to win small payouts and a variety of prizes.

However, considering that the current price of Bitcoin is above most average people’s reaches, not all players would be willing to cash out in BTC. Fortunately, Lottoland is offering an option to cash out in fiat currency.

Have you tried your luck in Lottoland’s BTC lottery? If you won, would you accept your prize in Bitcoin or in fiat currency? Let us know in the comments below.