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Hard Fork Alert! Bitcoin Private Scheduled for the end of February


As was widely predicted at the end of 2017, the start of the year has seen the crypto community go fork crazy, with up to 50 Bitcoin forks planned for the year. With many predicting that forks could replace ICOs due to recent crackdown on token sales, it is likely that these forks will start to be slightly more diverse than the feature-laden clones that we have seen in the last few months. Bitcoin Private looks like being one such example.

A Fork of a Fork and a Merger?!

Bitcoin Private will be a hard fork from Bitcoin, but also a merger with ZClassic. ZClassic was itself forked from ZCash 2016, and has been forked into Zencash in May 2017. So it’s a forked currency merging with a currency to form a new, forked, merged currency! Confused yet?

The snapshot date is set for February 28th, with the fork itself scheduled for two days later; March 2nd, according to the official Twitter.

Why ZClassic?

ZClassic specializes in anonymity; the sender, receiver and amount can all remain private at the discretion of those involved in the transaction – hence the name “Bitcoin Private”. Bitcoin Private will use the equihash algorithm of ZClassic, as Bitcoin Gold did with ZCash on its release. However, the existing blockchain will become a version of Bitcoin, making it a true hybrid. In addition, holders of both Bitcoin and ZClassic at the time of the fork, will receive Bitcoin Private at 1:1.

The news of this fork is expected to spark a large increase in the price of ZClassic, which began the year by rising from $4 to just over $100. However, there are those who have predicted the possibility of massive rises, well beyond the $1000 mark, once the fork takes place.

Do you think this new fork will be any different from the rest? Can you see the price of ZClassic soaring? Let us know your thoughts.