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Bitpanda Fully Integrates Bitcoin Cash

BCH becomes the 5th supported coin on Bitpanda


Bitcoin Cash has been receiving a lot of attention lately, something that has led to mass adoption. Exchanges have not been left behind either, as major platforms are beginning to support the digital currency. The most recent one to accept Bitcoin cash, including a wallet service, is Bitpanda, an Austrian-based brokerage service.

We have launched full Bitcoin Cash support including a wallet service — everything is running smoothly, and we feel ready to announce the 5th fully-integrated coin on Bitpanda,

,notes Eric Demuth, Bitpanda CEO.

Alongside integrating Bitcoin Cash, the CEO said that the digital currency will be available for the features of its Austrian post office. The company had announced last summer that those using its Bitpanda To Go services were free to use cryptocurrencies with postal partners.

“Consequently, from now on BCH is also available offline at all Austrian post office branches via our Bitpanda To Go service — due to our cooperation with the Austrian Post, Bitpanda To Go allows our customers to buy five digital currencies from over 400 post offices and almost 1300 postal partners throughout Austria,” Erick Demuth stated.

The company also revealed that customers can use the digital currency for services. All they need to do is deposit Bitcoin Cash in their Bitpanda account and they can then see the amount by selecting an Amazon gift card.

About Bitpanda

Based in Vienna, Austria, Bitpanda is a brokerage service that was founded by Paul Klanschek, Christian Trummer, and Eric Demuth in 2014. It offers brokerage services for digital assets as well as hosting a trading platform and a wallet to enable users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using Euros, Skrill, credit cards and more.

With the introduction of Bitcoin Cash, Bitpanda now offers support to five cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash.

Currently, Bitcoin Cash holds the 4th spot as the largest cryptocurrency in the market when it comes to market capitalization. This stands at a little above $41 billion dollars.

What do you think it means for Bitpanda, adding Bitcoin Cash support? Will this see the digital currency continue to grow in price and market capitalization? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.