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Block.One’s $1Billion EOS Venture Capital Division to be Led by Former CEO of Jefferies Asia


As the first of its kind, Block.One has not only managed to develop the most expensive Blockchain project in history but also promises to build a robust platform of decentralized applications with the EOS Venture Capital Division. The EOS ICO managed over $4 billion in funding at its completion, setting up Block.One as one of the biggest Blockchain companies in the world.

Alexander Joining Block.One’s Executive Team

In an email sent to Bitrazzi, Block.One revealed its plans to appoint Former Jefferies Group Asia CEO Michael Alexander as the head of Block.One’s EOS venture capital division. With this new move, Alexander will be the CEO of the $1 billion EOS VC firm from today, making him a member of Block.One’s top executive committee.

Alexander’s main agenda at the company will be to further develop a focus on the decentralized applications that will use the EOSIO Blockchain. With his headquarters in Hong Kong, his responsibilities will also include managing and directing of venture investments as well as coordinating partnerships. He will also be responsible for sourcing investment projects set to be developed on the EOSIO ecosystem.

There is a growing interest from bankers like Alexander towards the cryptocurrency universe, as other investors have also gained interest in the space. According to a report by Bloomberg in May this year, Japanese Bitcoin mogul, Yuzo Kano, has also made attempts to scoop up bankers and traders from Wall Street in an attempt to build up his own crypto powerhouse.

Furthermore, Block.One has made significant partnerships with big-time investors in the space like billionaire Mike Novogratz who, according to Block.One, made a $325 million investment in the $1 billion EOS.IO Fund.

What Block.One Hopes to Achieve

With the EOS VC arm, Block.One hopes to not only support decentralized applications built on top of EOS.IO but also plans to provide mentorship that targets game-changing products in the blockchain and crypto space. To achieve this, Block.One has already built partnerships with investors from different parts of the globe, including Asia, Europe, and the US.

According to Rob Jesudason, the incoming president of the Block.One Group, the company’s “partnerships and investment efforts through EOS VC are critical in driving adoption and innovation in the EOSIO ecosystem.

He mentioned further that they “are committed to supporting companies that want to build businesses and DAPPs on the platform.

In response to the new appointment of Alexander as the head of the EOS VC division, Jesudason said,

Mike has extensive experience in investment banking and is one of the most respected individuals in the financial services industry in Asia. I am delighted he is joining the team

Alexander’s Contributions to the VC Firm

With over 25 years of experience in Asia’s capital markets, Alexander brings about a wealth of experience that is sure to advance Block.One’s agenda for developing specialized high performing Blockchain technologies.

While speaking to Bitrazzi in an email, Alexander noted that Block.One is the “next generation of technology and the Internet” while acknowledging that “the vision of its founders has resulted in it being one of the fastest-growing organizations in the world”

He further expressed his excitement to join the company, saying:

The company’s unique position as the publisher of the EOSIO open-source code means that it is poised to lead the way in investments related to the burgeoning platform.

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