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Blockchain Demo: Visual and Simple Tool to Demonstrate How Blockchain Works

Is it a nice tool for learning how blockchain tech works?


Blockchain Demo is a learning tool that gives a gentle introduction to the mechanics behind blockchain technology. It attempts to demystify the complexity of cryptocurrency with a tour that takes you through each concept that makes up blockchain technology. Whether you are an entry-level developer or simply a Bitcoin enthusiast curious about blockchain technology, Blockchain Demo has the potential to teach you the components that make blockchain tick.

Here is a review of how the app works.

Introduction to the Genesis Block

Blockchain demo presents a visual demonstration of how a single block on the blockchain looks. To begin, you enter the word “Blockchain” or “bc” into the command prompt. Afterwards a graphic image of a genesis blockchain appears. Then you will be prompted with definitions of what a blockchain is and what is contained in a single block.

Learning how to Mine

When it comes to demonstrating the process of mining a block, Blockchain demo presents a colorful graphic that gets you up and running with how mining works. You enter the word “mine freeCodeCamp” in the prompt and follow instruction to mine the genesis block. Here you will understand the meaning of individual concepts that make up the block, including the index, previous hash, Time stamp, Data, Hash and Nonce.

Calculating the Hash and Understanding Nonce and Timestamp

A hash is a numeric value that identifies data. Blockchain demo presents you with a formula for calculating hash. You will use the SHA256 algorithm to come up with a unique hash. After you’ve calculated the hash you get an introduction to the definition of more terms that will get you to understand the blockchain further.

Blockchain info also explains the mutation effect so that you understand what leads to the invalidation of blocks in the blockchain.

Adding Peers

You can also add peers to your network so as to learn how to secure your blockchain after you have added up all your valid blocks. Simply put, you will be familiar with the sophisticated mechanics ofbBlockchain technology after taking a tour on the app, thanks to its straightforward, visual presentation of each concept.

If you have tried out Blockchain demo, let us know your experience and whether you found it useful as a Blockchain technology learning tool.