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Blockchain Venture Summit: The Speakers


After experiencing massive success as a media company in digital marketing, investment, and technology, with expertise in the organization of events such as the Webrazzi Summit, Webrazzi has now announced the Blockchain Venture Summit, which will connect cryptocurrency investors, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

The BVS is set to host the most influential thinkers of Europe and MENA allowing attendees to get the inside scoop on predictions for the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, while also enabling investors profile and identify ICOs and token sales that have the potential to succeed.

What Will Be Discussed at the Conference?

Apart from connecting investors to entrepreneurs, the conference will also host discussions about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and the state of play today.

According to the BVS site, some of the questions that will be answered in the summit will include predictions about the blockchain by industry leading experts, the future of ICOs, the relevance of venture capitalists and expert evaluations of ICOs and token sales.

Who Will Be Attending?

Over 100 companies will be introduced to investors at exhibitions during the Blockchain Venture Summit event. As a result, attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights while acquiring an in-depth understanding of the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.  The event will include 30 speakers and 1000 delegates.

Check out the Blockchain Venture Summit Speakers

  • Ahmet ARSLAN – The CEO of Joint Ventures, an expert digital and social media marketing guru, project manager and media consulting expert who has also managed project sales with SaaS platforms and ecommerce startups.
  • Andrew Thornhill – Co-founder at Spotcoin, a cryptocurrency company focused on improving liquidity in the crypto space. Andrew has also been in the online payment industry for over 17 years.
  • Antoine Herzog – The Co-founder at IOV (an open source award-winning contributor to the blockchain industry). He is also a believer in AI and has helped a range of businesses grow their sales.
  • Bobby Lee – He is the former CEO and founder of BTCC (formerly known as BTCChina) which was the first ever Bitcoin exchange in China, and is now a world-renowned financial platform. Mr.Lee is a seasoned technology enthusiast and has experience running some of the world’s biggest ecommerce and tech companies.
  • Burak Yunigun – Founder and general partner at Stylus Capital, with experience as a Business analyst at JP Morgan Chase and management consultancy at Oliver Wyman.
  • Bulent Tekmen – The co-founder and CEO at Colendi and Ininal. He is also a graduate of the Harvard business school and a brilliant marketer.
  • Catherine Zverkova – Business development director at Eberhard Lindfordt. She is also an ICO expert and Bitcoin and blockchain technology enthusiast.
  • Charles Michael Yim – A seasoned entrepreneur, well-known for being the first entrepreneur to receive funding from all the Sharks in the ABC Emmy award-winning show Shark Tank. He is also the CEO and founder of Cointopia ( a community-driven token platform)
  • Daniel Chang – The CEO of CobinHood, which is a cryptocurrency exchange that solves problems of liquidity faced by most cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Dilip Rao – Mr.Rao is an Infrastructure innovator at Ripple. He is also a seasoned business executive with conceptual and analytical expertise.
  • Eddy Travia – A pioneer blockchain investor and the CEO and co-founder of Coinsilium (a London-based investment company with a focus on blockchain technology). He is also an advisor at, Hdac and Medicalchain.
  • Faheem Bakshi – Mr.Bakshi is an expert fintech enthusiast, who has more than 8 years experience in ecommerce. Currently, he is managing a team of business and technology enthusiasts.
  • Gokhan Seckin – The CEO of Kimlic, a member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and a co-founder of
  • Isabella Dell – An expert Blockchain developer and Co-founder at IOV. She is also a system architect at lightcurve GmbH and Lisk.
  • Josip Maricevic – The co founder and CTO at and owner of Moon Code, which is a mobile app that offers blockchain-based development services.
  • Lil Cizelj– Big data profiler and a business intelligence manager.
  • Metin Oztin – The co-founder of Boted Button, Gabble Studios and a business analyst at IEG-Global Corporate Finance Advisory.
  • Patrick Makedonas – An ICO and crypto enthusiast and an analyst at the iCoin Channel.
  • Ravi Kurani – An early VC investor with a focus on blockchain and Fintech startups.
  • Sadiq Quasim – A blockchain entrepreneur and investor. He has also been a director at Loyakk limited.
  • Salim Ali – The CEO and co-founder of Loyakk Inc. He frequently speaks about Blockchain technology and its impact on enterprises.
  • Serhat Aydin – Heads up communication at Bundle Network. He is also the international accounting manager at Koton Magazacilik.
  • Stefan C. Heilmann – CEO at IEG, which is an investment banking group. He is also a partner at DGT Future Group.
  • Teruhito Terry Shiraishi – Mr.Shiraishi is an experienced advertisement and creative producer with years of experience as a communication traffic manager with McCann Healthcare Worldwide.
  • Tugce Ergul – A partner at Angel Labs who features on the Forbes 40 under 40 and also a fintech advisor, writer and speaker.
  • Wei-Ning Huang – The CTO and co-founder of Cobinhood. Currently, he works at Google as a software engineer.
  • Yagub Rahimov – Mr.Rahimov is an ICO advisor and a blockchain expert with professional experience in trading and consultancy. He is also a co-founder and CEO at 7 Market inc.
  • Yurii Gerasimov – COO at Membrano.

Will you be attending the Blockchain Venture Summit to gain insight into the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry with all these industry speakers? Hurry before all tickets are sold!