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Blockchain Venture Summit – ICOs and Sponsor Companies to Look Out For


The BVS will most definitely provide cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts, investors and entrepreneurs a great opportunity to interact, network and deepen their understanding of the current state of the industry, not to mention future projections.

With over 30 industry experts set to speak during the conference, there will also be a variety of Initial Coin Offerings ready for investors, and the best part is that interested participants will have an opportunity of interrogating the development teams of said ICO projects. From topics such as liquidity in the ICO space to regulation and governance in this new industry, BVS will set up an environment for healthy interaction, exploration and learning.

Here are some of the sponsors and ICO projects that will grace the event.


Colendi is a decentralized credibility and microcredit blockchain platform that offers a system for acquiring credit scores beyond the bounds of traditional banks. Colendi is also a Diamond sponsor of the BVS and boasts a robust roadmap towards the establishment of a sustainable sharing token economy.


Bundle is the ultimate gateway to trading cryptocurrencies. It offers an easy to use user interface for novice cryptocurrency traders.  Bundle is a gold sponsor of the Blockchain Venture Summit and is having a token sale of 1 billion BND, set at a price of $0.10.


Coiny is a cryptocurrency management platform that allows users to buy sell and pay for products and services using cryptocoins.  With the aim of expanding cryptocurrency investment among the mainstream public, Coiny is creating a fully compliant platform for the cryptocurrency industry.


Solidus is an open source e-commerce platform that was forked from spree commerce in 2014 as an improvement of the spree commerce platform. As a gold sponsor of the Blockchain Venture Summit, Solidus is enabling adaptable and experience-driven solutions in the ICO space.


Kimlic is a private blockchain-enabled KYC platform that allows institutions as well as individuals to share KYC protocols to enable efficiency in terms of compliance with regulatory laws by blockchain and cryptocurrency-related companies. With an ongoing private round of its Kimlic token, it is set to cover all the main points of compliance with regulations in the crypto space.


Spotcoin is basically a clearing house that makes the exchange of fiat currency to cryptocurrency smooth and easy. It is a rapidly growing multi-faceted powerhouse that is also involved in mining operations.

Behavior Exchange

Behavior Exchange is an online identification platform that is built to indentify profiles and web visitors in real time, therefore automating website content customization in such a way that each visitor is given a personalized greeting and offered relevant product offers, media content and services. The company is using blockchain to safeguard and decentralize records. Behavior Exchange is set to have its public token sale of 385 million BEX tokens in April.

Gabble Studios

Gabble Studios is a mobile game developing platform that boasts over 3 million downloads; a global ranking of 13,142,000 5 star ratings and the backing of 94 people on its core team.

Joint Venture

Joint Venture is a blockchain-enabled economy for online publishers. With a token that is set to launch in about 13 days, Join Venture is looking to reward publishers, authors, commentators and advertisers with 500 million Joint tokens.


Patron is a social media and influencer focused Blockchain project that seeks to drive the sharing economy thus creating a service for influencers to have impact globally.  The patron public sale will kick off on March 27th with a 50 percent bonus on the sale of the 400 million PAT tokens.


Loyakk is a Blockchain company looking to power secure enterprise business networks through transformative enterprises that encourage collaboration and sharing of data across different networks. Its ICO starts on April 15th with plans to have the Loyakk token used for transactions on the Loyak Network.


IOV is at the forefront of solving complex problems caused by human error as experienced by a variety of blockchain exchanges. Furthermore, the company is also enabling interoperability while providing autonomous access to blockchain’s efficiency through a blockchain name service. The first round of its token pre-sale is set to launch by the end of March .


Tolar is an open source community of governed cryptocoins that boast of faster transactional speeds, revolutionary algorithms and master nodes. Tolar features interchain support and is set to have a governance system called Marnus Consilium for the interacting community of stakeholders.

Café Coin

Café coin is a topbBlockchain retail store for customers that provides consumers as well as merchants with a reliable payment system built on blockchain technology.


Membarana is a platform that enables a connection between traders and investors, allowing for the growth of profitable, secure and reliable mutual relationships. Though the use of API keys, a trust management system is enabled between the two parties, thus eliminating the middlemen.

Trusted Health

Trusted Health is a patient-doctor blockchain network that specializes in medicines engineering. The presale for its TDH token is set to close in 2 days, and a latter crowd sale is set for March 27th. With no minimum amount for contributions, Trusted Health will provide specialists and specific healthcare for patients.

Which one of the ICO and sponsor companies do you find the most interesting? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.