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Blockstack Launches a Universal Dapp Store for Decentralized Apps


Ryan Shea, co-founder of blockstack took to Twitter to break the news that, the first universal app store for decentralized applications, is now live.

Shea said the company was launching the resource, which is aimed at bridging the gap between decentralized app developers and potential users. The open-source project will be free for developers, and Blockstack sees this as a critical moment for decentralized application development and discovery.

Shea explained that the aim of dapp store is to bring together app developers and users and offer value in connecting the two. The universal store also aims at helping users to discover decentralized apps.

Indeed, it’s the first step towards what is intended to become a dedicated storefront for dapp developers, with the aim of allowing them to charge for premium versions of their apps as well as expand to a wider market.

An Apple App Store Replica for Dapps

In an earlier interview with CoinDesk, Shea had indicated that his firm was in the process of developing a comprehensive dapp store where clients will access the most popular apps; while also there will be another component, which is a feature list similar to that which one can find on the Apple app store.

Currently, lists apps for Ethereum, Blockstack, IPFS, Steem, EOS and others. Shea says that the plan is to roll out more applications over time and encourages developers to submit their decentralized applications in order for them to be listed.

According to the website, decentralized apps offer a solution based on blockchain technology. Dapps link developers and users directly, without middlemen hosting software or managing user data. These customer-developer networks are more transparent, equitable, and resilient than traditional apps — with all parties incentivized to treat each other well as they rapidly innovate. The platform says,

All protocols are welcome on as we’re committed to celebrating an open, decentralized internet for all,

Following the announcement, different companies took the opportunity to announce that they plan on listing their dapps on the site. Pepe Dapp was the first to announce that the will be submitting their rare trading card dapp to

During an interview with Coindesk, Shea said that his company will continue to encourage the development of a decentralized web, and encouraged developers to work together. He said:

One of the things that we want to say to the community, there might be different platforms that compete with each other but we’re still very small and the real competition is with Facebook and the like.

Recently, Blockstack indicated that it was moving out of the infrastructure phase towards supporting scalable dapps; and the launching of the universal dapp store is a big step towards achieving their dream.

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