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Bloomberg: Goldman Sachs Is Setting Up a Cryptocurrency Trading Desk

We were waiting for this move...


Bloomberg just broke the news that Goldman Sachs is setting up a trading desk for digital currencies like Bitcoin etc.
According to Bloomberg’s sources, the Wall Street giant will start trading by the end of June, and the team for digital currency trading will be based in New York.

It’s a rumor that’s been doing the rounds for a long time and even some of the market’s well-known investors were expecting Goldman Sachs to acquire an exchange. I believe this option is still on the table… So, don’t be surprised if it happens sometime before June 2018.

Another rumor was that Goldman Sachs were secretly sponsoring some of the cryptocurrency events. Of course, we can never confirm this rumor, but it’s obvious that they have a healthy interest inBbitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In my opinion, this is a positive sign for the markets and the future of cryptocurrencies. Let’s keep watching and waiting for their next steps.