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BnkToTheFuture Token Sale Ends Early – $33m Hard Cap Reached


BnkToTheFuture are aiming to further disrupt the investment market. Their existing platform is already heralded as being a new way to access investment opportunities, with the company facilitating £200 million of investment since its inception. Now, they are looking to fully decentralize and in doing so offer a new level of transparency, through their token – the BF Token (BFT).

Completely Crypto Friendly

BnkToTheFuture are already a global investment platform, offering multi-currency, truly international investment. They already accept a range of cryptocurrencies as investment capital, and this aligns with their goal of completely opening up the investment market to everyone – everywhere. Now, their token sale will help to launch the next stage of their mission; to allow decentralized equity trading, using real-time, automated date. And they will maintain their focus on compliance to ensure that all trades are completely watertight – this is particularly important seeing as they provide the chance to invest in the top 100 Fintech companies in the world.

The news that they have reached their $33 million target won’t come as any particular surprise. This isn’t a particularly large total, especially in the context of recent times, and they have enjoyed considerable success themselves already anyway, particularly given that they are facilitating investment opportunities in firms who themselves may reciprocate by investing in BnkToTheFuture.

As you can see below, the lock-in plan for the tokens is pretty standard. So is their roadmap, with no massive, lengthy implementation times seeing as they already such an established entity. This is as much a tweak that will allow for community-driven compliance and complete decentralization as it is anything else.

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