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BTCC Founder Bobby Lee will be at the Blockchain Venture Summit


Bobby Lee is the current CEO and founder of  BTCC, formerly known as BTC China. This is the oldest and second largest Bitcoin mining company in china. The company aims to provide the world with the most trustworthy and convenient services in cryptocurrency.

BTCC is strategically placed to be a leader in every step of the Bitcoin ecosystem by offering payment processing, mining pools, currency exchange, blockchain engraving and consumer wallets. Through the diversity of the products offered by the company, its customers get the chance to engage in all spheres related to the cryptocurrency spectrum as one solid unit.

Bobby Lee’s Childhood & Education

Mr. Lee was born in the Ivory Coast to Chinese parents from Shanghai and grew up in the United States. His parents were among the first Chinese nationals to explore Africa in the 1960s.

After spending his childhood in Africa, Bobby Lee, together with his brother, the Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, went to the United States for their studies. Based on their experience, Bobby and Charlie are part of the team that helped shape the history and development of Bitcoin.

Bobby Lee is a graduate of Stanford University with both B.S and M.S degrees in Computer Science. Notably, Mayfield Fellows Church had him as a member. He later earned EMBA degrees from Chinas CEIBS.

A Career in IT

After completing college, the two brothers were employed in two major IT companies, with Bobby Lee and his brother both working for Yahoo.

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Bobby Lee served as Wal-Mart’s Vice President for Technology before BTCC and was in charge of ecommerce business in China. He has also previously worked as the CTO of SMG BesTV Ne Media which happens to be China’s largest IPTV operator, with a huge number of subscribers all over the world.

In 2007, Bobby Lee moved to Shanghai, starting as the Director for software engineering at the China Center of Excellence. His main responsibilities here revolved around cloud storage and cloud computing.

All Energy Focused on Bitcoin

Apart from his role as the CEO at BTCC, he is also involved with Bitcoin Foundation as a board member. This is a non-profit organization that helps foster the global adoption ofBbitcoin. During his leisure time, Mr. Bobby Lee loves photography, travelling playing poker and watching movies.

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Bobby Lee Is Attending The Blockchain Venture Summit

Bobby Lee is expected to be one of the smartest crypto minds that will be gracing the Blockchain Venture Summit in Istanbul on 28th March. He is expected to bring in his wealth of knowledge on all matters Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.

It is during the summit that the future of blockchain will take center stage. This will also serve as the platform where professionals and entrepreneurs will meet, share ideas and chat about new ways of approaching and fostering blockchain technology even more. Other topics to be tackled by the experts include the effects of investing in cryptocurrencies, how ICOs will change how funds are raised, as well as questions about Venture Capital.