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Brisbane Becomes the First Airport to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Bring out your digital wallets!


Brisbane Airport (BNE) has collaborated with TravelbyBit to launch cryptocurrency payments in its airport terminal, making last-minute shopping enjoyable for crypto users.

BNE released a statement yesterday explaining that a few retailers had agreed to support a new payment method. Passengers will be able to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies at restaurants, as well as various shops and stores.

TravelbyBit connects retailers and merchants with crypto users in Australia to enhance their tourism experience. Instead of exchanging currencies and carrying credit/debit cards, users can simply use their digital wallet to scan the QR codes and make their payments.

BNE further stated, “Digital currency payments keep the user’s personal identity private and eliminates third-party interference, allowing for very low transaction fees, exchange rates, and transfer times. The partnership reinforces Brisbane Airport’s aim to promote community projects, support local businesses, improve the passenger experience, and become a leader in the airport digital innovation space.”

According to the General Manager of Strategic Planning and Development, Roel Hellemons, crypto users traveling through international airports would welcome the idea of using their cryptocurrencies, which is why BNE decided to incorporate it.

“We’re also proud to be the first airport in the world to achieve this in partnership with a small local start-up business such as TravelbyBit, whose pioneering thinking is drawing attention to Brisbane as a serious breeding ground for innovative thinking”, said Hellemons.

TravelbyBit CEO Caleb Yeoh spoke about the company’s vision, “We are building a genuine use case for cryptocurrencies in the tourism industry. The application of digital currencies in this sector makes a lot of sense.”

Australia, unlike other countries, has supported cryptocurrencies so far. Last year in August, the government drafted a bill to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges. Fortitude Valley in Brisbane is even called the “Crypto Valley” owing to the growing number of merchants who have adopted cryptocurrency payments.

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