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CarTaxi: World’s First Operating Car Towing Platform on Blockchain

Cartaxi To Change The Car Towing Business


Cartaxi is a blockchain and logistics platform that uses Ethereum as a form of payment. Its main aim is to evacuate and transport in a single application. It has been tested and confirmed as working in the Russian market. It is the first platform in the towing industry to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. It creates a network that brings all tow trucks together online with a view to providing safe and fast towing of all kinds of vehicles, no matter what the location.

The Cartaxi project has been launched in over 20 cities and the mobile app is available to download on both the Google play store and the Apple store. The Cartaxi platform is an opportunity for crypto-investors to become token holders. As a token holder, the investors stand a chance of reaping maximum returns on investment. The company boasts a team of professionals who are striving hard to grow the business globally. They have offices in Moscow (Russia), San Antonio (US), and Hong Kong (China).

Problems Identified by Cartaxi

The importance of towing vehicles cannot be over-emphasized. You know that sooner or later, your vehicle or that of a family member may break down, be involved in an accident or even run out of gas. Top on the list of the problems identified by Cartaxi are:

A Chaotic Market

The towing business is not yet automated across the world. This is where Cartaxi comes in. Just like Uber did in the taxi market, Cartaxi is also geared to streamline the tow industry. Most countries across the world rely on local operators to tow any broken down vehicle on the road to a safe location. Cartaxi is striving to extend its coverage to other parts of the world, which is why they have opened offices in Moscow (Russia), San Antonio (US), and Hong Kong (China).

Extra Trips With Equipment

When you hire the services of a local operator to tow your broken down vehicle to a safe location, the possibility of getting the best tow trucks is slim. This leads to extra trips and delayed delivery. This problem can only be solved when the human factor is eliminated. This is what Cartaxi does.

No Familiar Mobile App

Before now, there has not been a tow company uses a mobile app to operate. Uber, as we know, uses a mobile app which has streamlined the taxi industry. Taxi users can stay in the comfort of their own homes to hire a taxi man that will transport them to their desired location. This is the hallmark of Cartaxi in the tow industry.

Payment Security

Cartaxi has integrated a decentralized blockchain technology into its platform, in order to accept payment in cryptocurrency (Ethereum). This arrangement was not in existence in this market before now.

Solution to the Identified Problems

It seems that the Cartaxi service has resolved the highlighted problems by using modern technology. This has made it possible for you to call for road assistance irrespective of your location and time of the day. The Cartaxi service has now made life easier for drivers globally.