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The Caviar: Combining Crypto and Real Estate

Interesting Details about the Caviar Real Estate Cryptocoin


Caviar is the first crypto coin to give users access to real estate and digital assets in one. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain. According to its developers, the aim is to offer holders of the token access to a diversified and risk-adjusted portfolio that lets them access cryptocoins and real estate. With these digital assets, users will also be able to hedge against downturns in real estate. It brings utility to the holders of these coins, allowing them to raise funds for projects using crowdfunding. The holders of the tokens and the fund will have an opportunity to take part in the project and earn some interest.

Token Issuance

Caviar will issue the tokens in about nine days, according to their site. It will then start investing in fast-appreciating crypto assets, including cryptocoins. This will allow investors to take advantage of the cryptocurrency markets. Investors will also enjoy the income-producing and less volatile short-term loan portfolio, backed by real estate in the U.S and elsewhere.

Caviar is the successor to Caviar Capital LP. This company has been providing finance to developers of real estate. The loans are guaranteed by the development. Besides this, they come with an unlimited personal guarantee from borrowers. The company offers short-term loans for the purposes of buying, renovating, and selling multifamily and single-family homes in the Northeastern part of the US.

The Plans it Has in Place

Caviar aims to capture the high rates of return possible with cryptocoins, while offering its investors an opportunity to diversity by exposing them to real estate. To achieve the high rates of returns, it will prepare a diversified crypto coin portfolio that consists of the best performing coins out there. Most crypto investors have sought refuge from volatility in digital assets like Digix, Tether, DigiDao, and many others. However, these assets have often proved unreliable, while still being prone to volatility.

The tokenized approached by Caviar to real estate has numerous advantages. It helps to lower costs, cut down entry fees, and eliminates the liquidity barriers that usually lead to investors’ equity being locked up for years. To ensure there is full transparency, the developers have come up with CAView. This is a set of tools, which allows one to edit their portfolio and see what is going on at all times.

Taking Part in the Token Sale

To take part in the token generation event, you will need to visit the Caviar site and click “Contribute Now.” You will immediately be redirected to the ICO portal; here, you will need to give out your details and accept the terms and conditions. To be a part of the token sale, you must be KYC compliant. Otherwise, you will not get your tokens.

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