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Cheetah Introduces a New App That Allows Crypto Traders to Monitor Portfolios on the Go


Cheetah Cell, a Beijing-based app developer, announced on Thursday that it is launching an app that will make it easier for traders to observe their crypto portfolios.

The mobile app will be known as Coin Master and interested parties can get it on either Android and iOS. The app will monitor the real time costs of cryptos on more than 100 crypto exchanges, and spontaneously determine the overall loss or earnings after customers supply their up-to-date trading histories.

The firm explained that traders will have two ways to update their portfolios in the new app. A trader can input their transaction details manually, comprising both fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat transactions, or link the app with the wallets or exchanges where their crypto assets are held or stored.

Cheetah Mobile’s senior vice president, Edward Sun, explained that the app was meant to empower traders to have control over their assets. Sun explained,

The app will allow investors and traders to check the status of their assets anytime, anywhere,

Publicly Traded and Related to Electronic Manufacturer Xiaomi

Cheetah Mobile was rebranded from Kingsoft Security in 2010 and is registered on the New York Stock Exchange. The company is is a subsidiary of Kingsoft, one of the oldest and largest software companies in China.

Notably, the firm is said to be related tp giant Chinese electronic manufacturer Xiaomi as Lei Jun, the well-known Chinese entrepreneur who founded the company, also acts as Cheetah’s vice chairman.

Cheetah entered the crypto space early this year following the introduction of a wallet app for both Android and iOS services. The wallet, known as SafeWallet, is designed to be user-friendly, and allow customers to easily manage their cryptocurrency assets. With SafeWallet users can send and receive cryptocurrency assets, create multiple wallets and import wallets in a variety of formats.

The launching of the new app is in line with the firm’s ambition to become a key player in the crypto space, and it is expected that the company will come up with other services in the near future.

Cheetah is not the only firm to introduce a tracking a tracking app. Last month, Tong Huashun, a widely used stock tracking and trading app in China, also introduced a crypto price monitoring service. However, the service was short-lived, as it was removed allegedly due to the regulatory uncertainties surrounding the crypto space in China.  

In the recent past, app makers have been looking to tap into the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Companies such as Square, Line Corporation and messaging app provider Kik have explored different ways of tapping into the crypto frenzy.

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