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Children’s Book on Blockchain Hits the Shelves


Brett Biery, a software engineer and blockchain enthusiast, has published a picture book called A Place in Blockchain, which  explains blockchain and Bitcoin to children. The book is written for children aged 0 to 9 years old and in the long run, plans to educate them about the topic that has taken over the world.

[A] character named “Blocky” struggling to find it’s place in the blockchain.struggling to find it’s place in the blockchain. Blocky’s adventure to discover his place in the blockchain covers many of the same emotions childrens will experience as they deal with their own adventures of fitting in at school and with friends. In the end Blocky is able to find his place.

It is ranked number 79 in Amazon’s Free Kindle Store Books, and number 1 in both Science Fiction and Science, Nature & How it Works. However, the book has received 1.7 out of 5 stars as customers have complained that their children didn’t understand it. “If you didn’t know anything about blockchain before, you won’t know anything even after reading this book. If you knew a little bit before, you’ll be more confused after,” wrote a customer.

Similarly, an 11 year old boy, Andrew Courey has written a book on Bitcoin to help children understand the phenomenon. For instance, the book compares mailboxes to wallets, and blockchain to Google docs.

Courey studied the famous cryptocurrency closely before self-publishing a 57-page long book, “Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin”. He said, “Anyone can learn about cryptocurrencies if they’re willing to spend 70 to 80 hours researching every source until they find a couple sources that make sense. The whole book, in the simplest terms, is very easy to read and simple to understand.”

However, Courey only owns 0.00222 BTC because he doesn’t believe that Bitcoin itself is an investment. The sixth grader is also planning to create an app for math flashcards in the future.