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A Closer look at the Sapiens Platform

Sapiens; the Future of Academic Systems


Upon completion, Sapiens aims to be an open-source platform based on blockchain technology. The platform will primarily be used to handle the different aspects of professional and career certificates. To make this vision a reality, the platform will utilize the latest in blockchain technology. In the future, it aims to be the new standard for professional qualifications.

What Problems will it solve?

Via the use of digital academic certificates, it makes shareability, verifiability, and accessibility easy. Besides that, tracing process of certificates and achievements becomes quite easy. When combined with the blockchain technology, anyone can now create certification infrastructure that places the user firmly in control of the full record of his or her achievements. Besides that, users can build their careers by being able to collect certificates and badges in a shareable format.

The Sapiens project is going to be made available with ease in colleges and high schools. To incentivize students to take part, a reward program will be developed. Thus, anyone who spends some time contributing to the project will have his or her efforts rewarded.

The Founder Talks about How it All Began

According to the founder, Matteo Ferrari, the idea of Sapiens began in 2016. He began thinking of how he could use his passion for technology, and especially the blockchain, to make a positive impact on universities and schools. Not only was he thinking about efficiency, but he was also thinking of ways to develop a cost-effective platform.

The first idea that popped into his head was to utilize the Smart Contracts technology on Ethereum. However, with time, he began to experience serious constraints related to scalability and transaction fees. Although Ethereum is a big Complete Turing machine, it is not designed with scalability or high elves of computation in mind.

It is after these challenges that he turned to Lisk, another open source blockchain technology. He began to examine whether this technology was capable of helping him achieve what he had in mind. According to Matteo, Sidechain technology is the perfect way to solve scalability issues.

For now, his focus is on delivering an initial prototype of the Sapiens Decentralized Platform based on Lisk Sidechain. He will then embark on popularizing it in schools and universities. Besides that, he may try to spread it in private firms with the aim of spreading awareness on the new blockchain technology. With this technology, it will be possible to store immutable records of anyone’s career. This will include career achievements, courses undertaken, exam results, bachelors and certificates, and even publications.

In future, Matteo envisions a future where all you will need is a link on your CV to the Sapiens Decentralized Platform. With this link, you can verify all the academic qualifications that a potential candidate holds.

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