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Coinbase Commerce: A Reliable Way for Merchants to Accept Cryptocurrency


The business world is in the fast lane with everything going digital. Anyone who is conservative will surely be left behind in the grand scheme of things. Merchants are all looking for easy and reliable ways of integrating cryptocurrency into their businesses. What else could a businessman want, other than to maximize profit by having options for accepting both fiat and digital currencies on their site?

The Challenge in the E-commerce World

Merchants are leaving so much money on the table because all options are not fully harnessed when it comes to accepting payment on their sites. It doesn’t matter what your field of business might be; if you have no way of getting paid, you are as good as not being in business at all.

The main issue is that a lot of people are going cashless, choosing to maintaining their portfolios in cryptocurrencies. Without a way of receiving payments in cryptocurrencies, merchants will be missing out on potential buyers and losing a lot of money in the long run.

Coinbase to the Rescue

Coinbase has analyzed the situation and decided to proactively provide a solution that would make it seamless for merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. With Coinbase Commerce, merchants don’t need to look too far for solutions because it provides an easy, fast and trustworthy answer.

Why Use Coinbase Commerce?

Coinbase Commerce has several features that make it the new option for online stores. Some of the features include:

Secure and trusted: This app is built by one of the most trusted names in the cryptocurrency world. Since Coinbase values security as its number one priority, rest assured that it is quite secure to use this solution.

Global: With Coinbase Commerce, you can easily run your business from any location and accept payments from customers across the globe.

Regular improvements: The platform has a world-class team that is working tirelessly to improve the platform as well as create new tools to enhance your business.

Multiple currencies: Coinbase Commerce gives you the versatility of accepting multiple digital currencies without having to do any other extra work. In addition, they add new blockchains from time to time to help improve your site.

Integrate with Shopify: Coinbase Commerce integrates with Shopify to make it easy for merchants to accept payments on their sites. All that is needed is to connect your Coinbase Commerce account and then payments are accepted in cryptocurrencies.

Easy to customize: The platform is easy to customize to suit the size of your business.


Coinbase Commerce promises to be the next revolution in the ecommerce world. With the various features of the platform, the problems of accepting payments on ecommerce sites would be a thing of the past.