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CoinFalcon Will Make Trading Easy and Quick

A rundown of the service that CoinFalcon offers


Quite a lot of trading platforms out there are slow and clunky. This means that you can easily miss the best moments and prices at which to trade. CoinFalcon have set their stall out to make trading quicker and easier, through their trading platform which is accessible from desktop and mobile.

Everything Up Front

CoinFalcon are based in London, and focus themselves on ease of use. All fees and exchange rates are very clear, and up front. The visuals are good, so you can make a decision quite easily. The trading view is also quite clear, so all the components you need are in place for a swift trade.

At the moment, their platform covers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and IOTA, and they work on a European exchange, so prices are Euro-centric. There is no evidence of planning to expand their currency base as yet, although the four currencies they have chosen represent a huge proportion of the world’s trading. Perhaps they would do well to add a couple more in 2018.

While their interface is easy to use, it would be advisable for them to be more active on their blog and social media to generate more interest. I’ve also seen a few user reviews that suggest that withdrawals can take some time. Still, this is a good entry-level trading platform for beginners who are looking to learn the ropes with small volumes.

Have you used CoinFalcon? Do you have any feedback on its interface? Let us know in the comments.