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CoinList Raises $9.2 Million for “Tokenized Exchange for Securities”


CoinList, a platform that aims to provide lists of ICOs for investors, has now raised $9.2 million of its own in Series A funding. The goal of the platform is to tokenize, and provide a carefully curated list of securities.

Separating Good From Bad

While a simple list or record of current ICOs is nothing groundbreaking, Coinlist, offers the chance to invest through the platform, with the ambition of also operating as a tokenized exchange. The key aim, though, is to vet ICOs thoroughly enough to not just avoid scams and dead ends, but also to convince regulatory bodies that it is being thorough enough. This objective comes in the light of regulatory crackdowns across the globe, but particularly by the US SEC. Indeed, Coinlist are dedicated to implementing appropriate AML and KYC protocols, and have put in place a high income and asset threshold. This hasn’t stopped them processing $400 million of investments though, and they are celebrating the success of Filecoin, an ICO launched through the platform that raised $205 million on its own.

Platforms such as Coinlist could prove to be the next big thing for ICOs, and a solid argument for their continued existence. Indeed, it is conceivable that the amount raised by ICOs in 2018 even beats 2017, which would not have been considered feasible nearer the beginning of the year.

Will Coinlist earn the trust of regulatory bodies? Leave us your thoughts below.