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Coinshares Group Announces New Investment Funds Tethered to Cryptocurrencies


This week, Coinshares Group has hinted at plans to launch new investment funds tethered to cryptocurrencies. The new funds are targeted at retail investors who are interested in investing in the growing economy of digital assets.

The Large Cap and the Active Cap are the New Crypto-Investment Funds

The two new crypto-investment funds that Coinshares Group is planning to launch are ‘Large Cap’ and ‘Active Cap’. The former will be more of a passive and larger basket fund, while the latter will follow an ongoing strategy involving a number of crypto assets.

Daniel Masters, the Chairman of the company, believes that the firm possesses great experience when it comes to crypto-investment products, and has stated that the firm looks forward to offering even new funds to its clients.

As a group, we have developed a deep expertise in bringing new, fit-for-purpose crypto-investment products to market; products which offer traditional investors proper, familiar channels to access the crypto-asset ecosystem

Working with Regulators, Opening a New Office and Educating Investors

Coinshares has been actively offering education to investors known as “a framework for analyzing crypto assets”. It also has plans to open new offices in London in an initiative to expand. According to the founder and CEO of Coinshares, Ryan Randloff, the firm still has more work to do when it comes to dealing with regulators who are responsible for investigating digital assets. Randloff was quoted as saying,

As one of the European leaders in crypto-finance, we have a responsibility to lead by example; and as a group, we believe that the crypto-finance community should seek more regulation, not run away from it; this London office is a proper step in upholding that belief,

Coinshares Group is a popular company, offering globally traded ETNs on Bitcoin and Ethereum. It focuses mainly on offering investment vehicles that are tethered to emerging markets, such as crypto-assets. The firm has approval from the Swedish Finansinspektionen (FSA), allowing the average investor to purchase ETNs sold on Stockholm’s Nasdaq Nordic.

Do you think the new crypo–investment funds by Coinshares Group will give cryptocurrencies a much-needed boost? How will this affect the market? Let’s hear your thoughts.