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ConsenSys Becomes Technical Advisor to Colendi


The blockchain fraternity is beaming with excitement, thanks to the recent development that will see two blockchain gurus team up to take the industry to a whole new level. The move by Colendi; a blockchain system made to ensure accessible means of universal credit scoring to the whole world, is now taking steps to enter into partnership with ConsenSys Token Foundry, one of the most respected leaders globally in the industry.

Partnership Born at World Crypto Economic Forum

This announcement was made by Colendi during the World Crypto Economic Forum that happened in San Francisco. Of particular interest was the reputation protocol of the system, which eventually led to a worthy partnership with ConsenSys Token Foundry, standing in as a partner on technical grounds during the upcoming Colendi Launch.

ConsenSys Token Foundry will lend much of its focus to several aspects regarding the launch as well as the functioning of the Colendi system; this includes diligence, smart contract development, business development and token mechanics.

ConsenSys; a Pioneer in the Acceleration of Holistic Development

ConsenSys is the global brainchild of entrepreneurs and technologists who create the applications, infrastructure and practices that make it possible to have a decentralized world. Founded in 2015, ConsenSys prides in being a pioneer in the acceleration of holistic development in the work of blockchain. Some of the notable projects under its belt include Topcoder, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Women in Blockchain, Smart Dubai and The Brooklyn Project.

Better Times Ahead for Blockchain Technology?

Moving forward, Colendi’s Bulent Tekmen says he is enthusiastic about the development. He stated:

With the support of ConsenSys, I believe Colendi will step up the pace towards bringing access to credit for hard working people around the world, rising on solid fundamentals.

It is no doubt that access to credit has been a hassle for most players in the industry all over the world. With this partnership, the future seems bright and more should be expected in the coming weeks.

What do you think about the partnership between Colendi and ConsenSys? What impact will this have on blockchain technology, especially with regards to access to credit? Let us know of your views in the comments section below.