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Which Countries Get the Most Funding From Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investors?

The top European deals


We often talk about ICOs and token sales, but there is also clearly a lot of venture capital activity going on in the market. It’s quite easy to find US-based or global investment data around the web but it isn’t so easy for Europe. So, I thought it would interesting for all of us if I start with the top countries in Europe getting the most investment for their blockchain and cryptocurrency companies.

I worked with PitchBook data and used companies in blockchain and cryptocurrency categories, which have headquarters in Europe. Instead of the number of companies, I generated my chart by the number of deals. And the investment data is for the period of 2010-2017.

As a result, the United Kingdom is the top country with 104 deals in the last 7 years. Some of the latest notable investments are Lendflo, Luno, AID:Tech and Vaultoro.

Switzerland is second and the Netherlands is the third country in our ranking, in terms of number of deals. Russia, France, Germany, Sweden and Spain are the other countries which have more than 10 deals.

You can check out our interactive map below,  and please keep in mind that we’ll go deeper into this topic with more details. So, you can take this piece as a sneak preview…!