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CriptoHub Is Bringing a New Exchange to Brazil

Technology meets customer service, catering to the unique needs of the Brazilian crypto market


Necessity is the mother of all inventions, and CriptoHub’s march into the Brazilian arena is no exception. Brazil has responded to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology with outstanding enthusiasm and support – according to CriptoHub, there are more investors in Brazil keen on investing in virtual currencies than those who are willing to bet on the stock markets. And as the Brazilian market gears up for a new era of choice and customer service in cryptocurrency trading, this is proving to be true.

Despite the demand, the crypto market in Brazil has been plagued with controversy. The leading cryptocurrency exchange in Brazil previously was FoxBit, founded in 2014, that quickly gained traction as Brazil’s crypto fever took over. However, the exchange could not cope with the demand for the virtual currency, and it suspended taking on new clients. A bug in the FoxBit system allowed users to withdraw their Bitcoin balance twice, with FoxBit losing 30 Bitcoins and ultimately shutting the exchange down.

This is not the story of FoxBit alone – almost every other existing cryptocurrency exchange in Brazil is fraught with one issue or another. With over 1.5 million cryptocurrency investors and $75million dollars being traded in Bitcoins daily, one would expect cryptocurrency exchanges in Brazil to provide top notch services to their clients. However, service levels are in tatters, customer satisfaction is compromised, and the supply is no match for the unrelenting demand – while there are as many as 1,300 digital assets currently being traded around the world, the current exchanges in Brazil offer only around eleven assets, leaving limited options for traders to satisfy their needs.

This is all set to change with the new exchange being brought to the Brazilian markets by CriptoHub. The most advanced crypto exchange in Brazil, CriptoHub launches its operations in June 2018. The exchange is being developed by seasoned web developers and is led by an able administrator – the CEO, Ramon Vailatti, has over 10 years of web development experience, and has successfully built two companies.    

Further, CriptoHub adopts the trendy new approach of Performance Marketing, which is considered one of the most efficient means of attracting large number of users in a short space of time. The management and operations team are led by experts in web development, SEO and blockchain technology, which are the key towards creating a sustainable system that fosters trust among users.

Another differentiating factor offered by CriptoHub in the growing Brazilian cryptocurrency market is the emphasis on providing its users with choice and customer service. CriptoHub will have its web presence augmented with an application that will allow users the freedom to stay connected with the exchange from a range of devices.

In addition, CriptoHub also plans to launch its Prepaid Credit Card for users that basically merge the virtual world of investments with the real world – earnings made from trading in cryptocurrencies could be used to make regular payments in commercial establishments in Brazil, which would be a big step forward for the Brazilian crypto markets.  

The Future of Crypto Is Now

As with any investment, diversification is an important strategy to minimise losses and maximise returns, and CriptoHub is committed to bringing the best of the world to Brazil, allowing greater choice of crypto assets and diversification for cryptocurrency traders.     

Clearly, CriptoHub is stepping its game up to meet the unique needs of the Brazilian cryptocurrency market in terms of technology, commitment, and customer service. With the crypto fever in Brazil not subsiding anytime soon, CriptoHub is all geared up to change the crypto trading landscape for good.

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