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CrowdWiz: New Twist on Investment Funds

An In-depth Look at CrowdWiz


The platform, CrowdWiz is an ecosystem where investors can enjoy flexibility and freedom via the use of advanced technology. Each member has an equal right to vote on any investment decisions the fund makes. Token holders can invest in new funds or establish their own Wiz Funds. A software wizard will guide you through the entire process.

Who Can Use it

The Platform is open to different social groups such as families, coworkers, entire neighborhoods, cities, countries, continents, or global citizens who have similar goals. The mission of the CrowdWiz platform is to democratize investing. This will be achieved by getting rid of the middleman. Thus, the investor will have complete control of all investment decisions.

Why You Should Trust the Crowd

The platform is based on a concept dubbed ‘wisdom of the crowd.’ The concept states that a crowd of people is smarter than an individual. The idea is that one person is prone to personal biases. The crowd is able to make the best decision since it relies on a diversity of opinions.

What Is the Wizfund Platform?

This platform is designed to allow investors to come up with their own funds using an easy setup process. There are various parameters such as portfolio type, fund type, fund size, voting mechanism and many more. Once all parameters have been set up, an Initial Fund Offering will be initiated. After that, a crowd token is issued. The token will then be listed at no extra cost on WizExchange.

Any registered user on the platform can invest directly in an IFO using the main cryptocoins as well as fiat currencies. All of them are then converted to Wiz Tokens. There are numerous other tools available such analytical history of IFOs, transaction history, and many more. It will allow groups of people large or small to act as one in a fair and entertaining manner.

How Is it Different From Other Funds?

The main difference is that there is no central authority. The funds lack a fund manager who can make decisions on everyone’s behalf. Thus you will feel the power of crowd decisions. Everyone has a right to vote and decide on what future the fund will follow.

What Are Wiz Tokens?

This is the driving force of the ecosystem. It is what grants voting rights to all products on CrowdWiz. The tokens allow you to create or join a public or private Wizfund. You will also be able to take part in IFOs using the tokens. Every new fund created on this platform will raise the value of the Wiz Token. The number of tokens is fixed; they are generated during token sales. Any tokens that are not sold are burned.

When Will the Platform Launch?

The official launch of the Beta version is going to take place in 2018 Q1. Later on, the official version will launch in 2018 Q2.

What do you think about this new product? Will the democratization of investment funds work? Leave a comment below.