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Cryptagon: All about the Latest Crypto Portfolio Tracker

....with automatic sync to your crypto portfolio on many major exchanges


In a world with 1368 different cryptocurrencies, 7616 crypto marketplaces, and over $628 billion in market capitalization exchanging hands every second, a crypto portfolio tracker such as Cryptagon is definitely here to serve a need. This product intends to supercharge your crypto portfolio by providing macro and micro performance overview of a crypto trader’s overall portfolio into cryptocurrencies. Bernat Fortet Unanue, Rajiv Ayyangar, and Tim Su are the names behind the product.

What Need Does it Serve?

Cryptagon provides automatic integration with the traders’ exchanges, be they Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase, GDAX, Gemini, HitBTC, Kraken, Liqui, or Poloniex. By syncing with most major exchanges, the product enables a crypto trader to:

  • review, his/her overall crypto portfolio, and individual holdings,
  • work out realized vs. unrealized gains,
  • calculate the rate of return on their investment

The product also allows the user to set up and manage alerts and notifications relating to the portfolio and/or its particular components. According to its website, Cryptagon will soon be allowing its users to create custom sub-portfolios where they can create custom groups of their choice, eg: recent ICOs, swing-trading, long-holding etc.

How Do you Get Started?

In its current form, users can sign up for Cryptagon with their email. Alternatively, Cryptagon allows users to log in via their Blockstack account. Blockstack is a new Internet for decentralized apps where users own their data. Blockstack provides its users with digital keys that let them own their identity. Thus, blockstack account holders can sign in to apps locally without remote servers or identity providers. Three years into production, the Blockstack system already has 76,178 domains registered with it. The system uses Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for simple peer-to-peer payments. Blockstack completed its ICO in November, collecting over $50 million in proceeds.

What Sets Cryptagon Apart From the Rest?

While there are plenty of other crypto portfolio trackers out there such as Altpocket, Blockfolio, CryptFolio, and TabTrader among others, Cryptagon intends to differentiate itself from other crypto portfolio trackers out there by providing automatic syncing with the trader’s portfolio on major exchanges. It also provides further clarity on a trader’s profits, and will also offer an alert and notification service to its subscribers.