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Crypto-gaming platform ETH.Town’s Presale Launched


Call it what you will, but the reality is that Blockchain and crypto space is full of low-quality projects that feature limited utility in the real world. However, is completely bucking this trend by offering a sincere game platform, built to wow and entertain crypto enthusiasts like never before.

Introducing ETH.Town, a cryptocurrency-enabled platform for games that involves the buying and selling of virtual real estate and characters. The team at ETH.Town has been at work on the gaming platform since last year November and now has produced a fun and intuitive game that lets players make strategies, outrank and outwit one another, eventually collecting certain characters to make profits.

ETH.Town is a trading game that features some awesome characters. Plus, it implements fun Metagames and central gameplay that enables players to make a steady stream of income.

A Couple of Features You Get to Enjoy With ETH.Town

ETH.Town is built around a crypto-tower that is full of apartments and offices with lots of surprising delights inside. Each floor comes with its own profit structure, rules, and bonuses not to mention some funky twists and details that are yet to be released.

Although ETH.Town plans to start small, the collectables in the game are set to be huge as more players rush and compete to collect real estate.

In addition, the game will entail heroes who will help a player make more profits from certain floors, with the option of buying certain characters and improving them over time in order to then sell them for the exchange of some ETH. Some of the characters will have special relationships and all interactions in the game will be through the characters.

The ETH.Town Team

The ETH.Town team recently launched an airdrop for five investor tokens at a value of $5, with a promise for more give away in the future. As a result, the project has received lots of attention from the community in the short time it has been in existence.

The actual game is developed by On5 games (a development studio that mostly specializes in mobile games). The team boasts extensive experience of making games for companies such as EZ, Atari and even Samsung.

Investing in ETH.Town

For investors looking to make a profit from holding tokens, this company is offering an interesting deal that will have all token holders profiting from all the gains made via the games on the platform. The profits will be distributed among the development team, the players and the token holders. In fact, more airdrops and bounty campaigns are currently ongoing with a pre-sale set for March 15th. The presale will then close on the 23rd March and a global release will come right after on April 3rd. ETH.Town hopes to achieve its hard cap of 100,000 ETH in its first week, with the hope of breaking the record during its launch.

What do you think about the ETH.Town game? Is it something you would try out? Let us know in the comments section.