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Cryptocurrencies Trading at About a 60% Discount on ATH Levels – Time to Dive In?

Are you panic selling or bargain hunting?


The Cryptocurrency Chaos – as we See It

While the markets were busy reviewing the string of negative price changes in the cryptocurrency market, and the media were busy printing headlines on the cryptocurrency slide; “a burst bubble” and / or “bleeding markets”; we thought we’d take a look at certain buying opportunities that this correction phase brings with it. Now, there are two categories of investors that usually run to the exchanges in times of a correction; (a) the panic sellers, and (b) the bargain hunters.

Well! This article is for the bargain hunters out there. So;

  • How many of you out there have really wanted to own a Bitcoin (BTC) or maybe part of one, but the price tag associated with the coin has always kept you at bay?
  • Are you amongst those who have, over time, developed good faith in the Ethereum blockchain and begun to want be a part of it?
  • Who missed out on investing in Ripple (XRP) while it was really cheap, but has always been on the lookout to add some of it to their crypto-portfolios?

The above three are a few examples of questions that have surely come to the minds of many crypto-enthusiastic investors.

The top 10 Cryptocurrencies Are now Trading at Amazing Discounts!

We looked into the top 10 cryptocurrencies (by market cap) to figure out the discounts that the market is offering on them currently.

On average these currencies (listed above) are trading at a 57% discount on their ATH (all-time high) levels. Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at a 50% discount on its ATH of $20,089 recorded on December 17th 2017. Ripple (XRP) is being traded at a whopping 73% discount on its ATH; while Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is available for purchase at a 63% discount. Where are you bargain hunters at? Doesn’t it look like the right time to jump in?