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Cryptocurrency Experts at Fox Trading Create a Smart Platform

Launching an Exciting ICO Presale


A team of cryptocurrency specialists at Fox Trading are working on a new smart trading phase as well as an exciting ICO pre-sale. Those who participate in ICO will be offered multiple trading possibilities and have exclusive access to trading signals based on the firm’s unique algorithm for better returns.

Fox Trading already offers Fox Binary Signals, which has proven to work well when it comes to a trading pool, without requiring users to pay any more money. Now, ICO participants will be offered full access to the company’s Autotrader service for better profits.

By purchasing Fox Trading Tokens in the ICO, you are buying from a successful platform with two years’ experience (2016 and 2017),

-said the CEO.

Fox Trading operates on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to modernize and improve its trading platforms by leveraging blockchain technology. After working on its first project – Fox Binary Signals – the company achieved a whopping 350% accumulated gain, serving over 1500 users and experiencing over 10,000 app downloads. This inspired the team to work hard and expand their services, and accommodate cryptocurrencies and forex trading.

“Lots of our current users were asking us to add Cryptocurrencies trading to our services following the sharp rise in popularity of the digital assets market, so we decided to take this leap forward with the launch of Smart Trading,” said the CEO.

Features of the New Fox Trading Platform

The Fox Trading platform will be accessible though mobile apps (Android and iOS), and desktops, giving premium ICO investors lifetime access to the trading services. The users will receive crucial trading signals so that they can enjoy the trading pool.

The new Fox Trading platform will also offer auto trading services, which is essentially copying the trading signals of the system automatically and passing 100% of the benefits accrued to the broker. The number of users on this new platform will, however, be limited so that the few premium users enjoy maximum performance and profits.

Fox Trading Tokens FXT

Fox Trading is looking to sell 4,500,000 tokens at a discount of 50%, which is around $1.5 million. The presale will run for 4 weeks, with the main ICO starting at the end of the first phase, or if the tokens are bought beforehand.

The total supply of FXT tokens is 50,000,000. 70% of the total will be allocated to ICO investors, 15% for developers as well as the company’s reserve, 10% for advisors, and 5% for the bounty program, legal and marketing fees.

What do you think about this exciting ICO by Fox Trading? Will the promise to offer investors a new trading platform and maximum profits, entice them to purchase the company’s FXT tokens? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.