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Cryptocurrency now Being Used in Conventional Businesses as a Payment Method


As an entrepreneur, getting the right network is an important aspect of the business. While you may get this from acquaintances, sometimes it may also come from unlikely sources. Well, now you have a golden opportunity to make your network even wider, thanks “Tribe Theory” a revolutionary venture hotel that seeks to bring entrepreneurs together by making them share a sleeping space.

Need to Pay? Bitcoin and Ethereum Accepted

But, wait, that’s not the best part of the deal! Apparently, Tribe Theory accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment for their stay. With a clear focus on both startups and established entrepreneurs, Tribe Theory has structured capsule beds in dorm rooms that are shared. It has therefore created a new category of budget business accommodation by blending the communal atmosphere you would expect to get in a hostel with the notable standards of a hotel, not forgetting the infusion of an entrepreneurial environment you would expect from a co-working space.

A Meeting Point for all Entrepreneurs

Tribe Theory launched its concept officially this month and it costs about $26 per night. According to Vikram Bharati, the founder of Tribe Theory, there is need for entrepreneurs from all walks of life to meet up, intermingle and share ideas as one community. He notes that there are notable entrepreneurs who may be broke but have invested in cryptocurrency. This is their chance to pay via the same digital currency and enjoy the same services are would others too.

Hotel Set-up With a Difference

The hotel oozes creativity right from the neatly-arranged working spaces meticulously structured on the top floor to complimentary breakfast, laundry service and other basic amenities like newspapers and free wifi. Bharati hopes that this concept will help spark interest from entrepreneurs who often travel the world but are limited by lack of enough funds to stay in a nice hotel.

Talking of the need to have wider business networks, Bharati said:

The value is that someone from Kazakhstan can meet someone from London and collaborate on business together, which really is very hard to do in co-living spaces or hotels.

Banking on the success of this project, Bharati hopes for expansion it the coming year to other notable business hotspots like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Estonia and Berlin. In fact, this is ideal for Estonia considering how it is working on positioning itself as a business hub, especially with the plans to introduce the digital nomad visa.

What do you think about Bharati’s Tribe Theory? Is it an idea worth replicating in other sectors of the economy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.