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CryptoGift: A fun Way to Share Bitcoin and Litecoin

An overview of CryptoGift and its workings


On the face of it, CryptoGift seem like a pretty straightforward company. Their stated ambition is to allow people to gift each other cryptocurrency. Now, this is obviously already possible, but it is difficult for a couple of reasons. If your friend or family member is already active in the world of cryptocurrency, there’s no problem; just send it to their wallet. But what if you want to gift some crypto to a newbie?

This is precisely why CryptoGift have set themselves up. They offer gift cards that store Bitcoin or Litecoin depending on your preference. The cards are being offered for free, because CryptoGift’s simple goal is to spread the love to those who aren’t yet involved.

Security Conscious

Now it is natural for crypt owners to be concerned about this. Security is a constant worry when it comes to digital currencies, but CryptoGift claim they have thought of everything. The gift cards store no personal data or private keys, merely a point of storage. Because of this, they recommend that recipients of the gifts transfer the funds on the card to a wallet as soon as they have received them (they recommend Electrum as the best point of storage for BTC / LTC).

These cards are also eminently customizable. You can write messages and upload photos on to the cards, so that each one is personalized for its recipient. It’s quick, easy and pleasant. It’s also flexible; you can send the card via tweet, email or physically.

Gift cards have been hugely popular with companies like Amazon, Google and Apple for years. So why not Bitcoin? Like the clearly laid out company website, CryptoGift makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for reading this post. Over the coming months, we will be reviewing a number of startups, shedding light on the huge amount of products that are out there, making the most of crypto.

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