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DADI: Bringing Decentralized Cloud Services to Businesses

DADI crowdsale starts on January 22nd 2018.


DADI is the up-and-coming platform that utilizes fog computing to provide users with more storage and control over different cloud services.

What Is DADI?

Decentralised Architecture for a Democratic Internet (DADI) offers products and solutions for various businesses. Unlike traditional cloud computing, fogging creates a number of different decentralized network nodes which work faster and are more efficient. From businesses to miners, everyone can benefit from this platform.

Miners are divided into three categories: Stargates, Gateways and Hosts. While the first two will contribute bandwidth, the latter provide computational power.

Businesses can now use DADI for database storage, content delivery, and other functions through the use of eleven digital products. API, Publish, CDN, Web and Queue have already been developed. The rest of the products, Track, Visualize, Identity, Match, Predict and Store will be launched in 2018, according to their roadmap.

Each of these products can be used individually or combined with another product to improve the performance of a business. Instead of using centralized CDN and CRM services, DADI can be used to turn potential customers into paying customers. DADI is flexible for different consumers – from news websites to private companies, anyone can use the platform.

Why Should I Invest in the DADI ICO?

One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before investing in an ICO is whether a prototype exists or not. In DADI’s case, their technology is already being used by Empire, Virgin and Monocle. Additionally, the DADI team will be attending blockchain events for the next six months in the UAE, USA, UK, Russia and Thailand.

ICO – Presale starts on January 22nd. It ends when the Public Sale begins on January 29th, which will run for 30 days or until the hard cap is reached.

  • Total DADI tokens – 100,000,000
  • Hard Cap – $29 million
  • Presale Price – $0.4 = 1 DADI token
  • Public Sale Price – $0.5 = 1 DADI token
  • Minimum Contribution – None

ICO Rank 94/100

DADI integrates the most effective and popular products, and presents them on a single platform. For more information, click the link here.