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Dilip Rao, Ripple’s Global Head of Infrastructure Innovation, Will Be at the Blockchain Venture Summit


Dilip Rao is Global Head of Infrastructure at Ripple and works with central banks as well as other financial market entities towards the implementation of distributed ledger infrastructures. As a seasoned executive, Rao has enabled entrepreneurial leadership and business innovation growth in various sectors of the technology industry. He is the founder of the first ever peer-to-peer payments company in Australia and has a proven track record of high-level management skills and communication. He also established Boutique Management and Direct Payment.

A bit About Ripple

Ripple is the world’s leading blockchain enterprise for global payment solutions, with an advanced blockchain platform built for scalability and interoperability on a variety of networks. By tokenizing and modernizing global payment procedures with the XRP coin, Ripple is enabling banks, exchanges as well as other corporations and payment providers to have access to a frictionless financial transactional experience.

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Dilip Rao’s Career Achievements

Apart from the fact that Dilip Rao is credited with being the first to launch Australia’s cross-border online bank account payment service, he has also had extensive experience in the corporate banking sector as the founder of the Boutique Management (a consulting firm for major banks in Australia). He has also also been actively involved in the development and implementation of IT strategies for major corporate banks while re-engineering business procedures and enabling management restructuring with technology in retail banking.

He served as a consultant for just under three years with Ideas and Actions (an advertising medium that also includes global payments in retail banking technology). As a former managing director of APAC and MENA, he was able to lead Ripple into new regions including North America and the Middle East. He also served as the founder and CEO of Woomera Labs from 2013 to 2014, where he was able to build a safe house for startups to engage with large corporations so as to solve issues to do with enterprise. Among his past achievements include volunteering for two years in the TiE chapter for 60 chapter events and educational courses that would help turn good ideas into great ventures.

Attending the Blockchain Venture Summit

Rao will attend the Blockchain Venture Summit on 28th of March in Istanbul. His extensive experience in the digital banking and online peer-to-peer payments industry is sure to be an interesting addition, given that he has worked for years managing payment platforms. He has also volunteered for IMPACT (an NGO, educating the girl child) and is also the past President and charter member from 2011 to 2013.