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Doc AI: Bringing AI and the Blockchain to Medicine

Bringing AI and the Blockchain to Medicine


Doc AI is an AI company that wants to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the medical field. They believe that the future of medical data will run on the blockchain, and they hope to achieve it soon. It will utilize an algorithmic, bottom-up, and quantitative approach when creating this solution.

AI Will Make Things Easier

With the help of the AI, users of the platform will be able to navigate through the data collection process. In this way, it will enable the optimization of all health decisions. In addition, it will come with an option where you can make data accessible to a global community. With this access, data scientists from across the globe will be able to perform predictive modeling and clustering. The entire system is designed for vertical medical domains. It is also designed to generate health insights at a personal level, which a GP can act on to provide better care to patients.

How it Works

Firstly, you need to be aware that you will be in charge of all your health data in one central place. You will also be able to earn financial compensation for collecting your data and allowing it to be used for other meaningful data trials. Finally, you will be able to gain a lot of meaningful insight into engagement with data scientists. These people understand how to utilize deep learning computer capabilities to come up with predictive analytics. You will also be able to gain actionable healthcare insights that help you improve your own health.


Soon, 860 million NEURON (NRN) will be generated and made available to the public through an ICO. With this one move, the liberation of centralized medical data will have begun, testing the limits of AI. They have already raised about $10 million through the token sale, which closed recently. Their focus is on building the NRN network, which it intends to launch in March or April 2018.

Understanding NRN

We are fast moving into a world where AI, tokenization, and natural language processing are becoming a reality. All of these technologies have untold potential benefits for the medical field. The developers behind this new token want to make it possible to access all of these technologies via NRN.

The Neuron (NRN) will give users access to the AI network. Besides that, they will also be rewarded for training their AI. They can also use their NEURONS to create competitions for data scientists, who will also be paid in NRN. The first use of this technology and concept will be with the launch of This platform will enable anyone to connect to the network using just his or her phone.

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