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Etheal: Connecting the World to Better Healthcare Services

Medical tourism made easier


In the words of Etheal, the healthcare system is broken. And if you watch the news you’ll likely have heard horror stories of spiralling costs and gross negligence. With these escalating issues, particularly in the US, the popularity of medical tourism is ever-growing. Indeed, it is estimated that medical tourism will be worth over half a trillion US dollars within the next ten years. So, the market is definitely something worth backing, but what about the company itself?

A Fresh Start, but not a Startup

Etheal is not a new company. They currently run a healthcare comparison facility that receives over 2.5 million visitors a year. But they are now adding blockchain into the mix, so that they can expand upon trust, data protection and incentivization.

Through the Etheal Trust Score (ETS), it will be easier to choose services that will genuinely provide quality healthcare, and are worth travelling for. Furthermore, the accompanying token, which will be called HEAL, will be the method of payment. It will offer access to discounts, and will of course be an incentive for healthcare tourists to contribute to the ecosystem. If you provide a review, or information that can help others, then you will receive tokens as a reward. And in this way, Etheal plan to grow exponentially.

And Medical Tourism isn’t just about healthcare costs. The issue with the concept of “borderless treatment” is that we do, in fact, have borders. This brings insurance and transportation firmly into focus. Again, through being able to point to a trustworthy and established ecosystem, travel and entry visas (if necessary) will be less difficult to organize; indeed, Etheal plan to merge payment into one package – and all based on blockchain tech. And one of the best things about paying through blockchain tokens, of course, is that cross-border payments are easy, instant and cheap.

Get Involved in March 2018

The token presale was very successful, and the regular sale will begin in March. With their current trajectory and backing, Etheal looks like it could be a safe back fro 2018.

Have you used Etheal’s services in their current guise? Will you think about investing in March? Let us know in the comments below.